Tim Tebow Golf Update: Call Him “Two-Gloves Timmy” [Photos]


Want more Tim Tebow golf photos? We do too because you guys are going nuts over Adonis and his physique, but it’s time to move on to other Tebow golf news. After looking through 30 or 40 photos from the St. Jude Classic Pro-Am and noticed a very strange nugget. Look at those hands. Two gloves! Two friggin’ gloves! Google “two gloves PGA.” Folks, you are looking at the birth of a trend. Next time you hit the course and see a guy wearing two gloves while putting, think “Two-Gloves Timmy.”

Now, before you freak and start screaming how he was only wearing one glove on the driving range, relax. Being the legendary bloggers we are, the photo editors went deep into the Tebow treasure chest and pulled out multiple shots of “Two-Gloves.”

Legendary PGAer Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey is noted as one of the only weirdos in golf history to use the method to avoid calluses.

Back in May, GatorSports.com reported Tebow used the gloves to avoid blisters on his throwing hand.

See, this guy is always thinking ahead. SMART! Risking control of the club for the betterment of the Denver Broncos. The guy might not have the biggest arm or the five-tools of a Cam Newton, but dude cannot be outsmarted.

Matt Leinart, another lefty, is scheduled to participate in a charity event in Puerto Rico this weekend. If you happen to be in the area, look for the two-glove method. $100 and a full beer bong bet he isn’t.

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