Rashard Lewis And LeBron James Girlfriend Savannah Brinson Hook Up? [Photos]

Miami Heat forward LeBron James has been MIA during the NBA Finals. Maybe that’s because his mind is elsewhere.

Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis, according to an urban gossip mongering website,  allegedly had a tryst with LeBron’s special lady, Savannah Brinson, while visiting South Beach.

Ru-roh, Raggy!

Hello Beautiful got the news from a source who’s apparently very important in some fashion.

I have a very reliable source who clubs and drinks with all of the athletes that come through Orlando. He was all over the Tiger Woods issue and knew what all happened with Tiger prior to it being released publicly. My buddy has a place in Orlando, Lake Nona to be exact, and he lives among some athletes that live there in Orlando. Needless to say he golfs, drinks, and parties with some of the best people in central Florida. So when word got to him while at the bar last night, he called me. Word got out while drinking with friends, that Rashard Lewis slept with LeBron’s girl while visiting South Beach.

In addition to this guy’s buddy, ESPN’s Steven A. Smith alluded to off-the-court issues affecting LeBron’s play on his radio show and brought it up again on two ESPN radio shows today, including The Herd.

Brinson hasn’t tweeted since May 31. Meanwhile, LeBron has been strictly talking basketball. The last time he mentioned Brinson was on May 23, when the pair saw a Lady Gaga concert in New York.

Whether the incident happened or not, I find it amusing that people are looking for a reason for James’ poor play. When will you understand? These are the playoffs. LeBron James is a choker. A choker always chokes on the big stage. It’s just sad if the choker has to find out his girlfriend is hooking up with a 31-year-old two-time all star.

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