Would You Idiots Just Chill Out About LeBron James Not Scoring 50 Last Night


We’ve told you guys time and time and time again to stop it with your fascination with the NBA and black guys who hold press conferences to say where they’ll be taking their talents. We are beyond excited that LeBron went scoreless in the 4th quarter. We’re high-fiving ourselves that the guy barely showed a pulse from the field because it’s going to be funny when he drops 35 on the Mavs in Game 5 and slices the throat of those of you who ride a guy for a night off. He had an off night. Just watch his pre-game speech to see it was just a bad night.

Yes, bad speech. Yes, fake speech.

The guy is running on fumes and being asked to play an entire game without a break. His legs are spaghetti. The little guys are running around him.

What about the flop you guys are going nuts over?

So the guy tries to get to the line and Twitter goes nuts with a bunch of white guys screaming “FLOP.”

And these are the same fake soccer fans who watch Euro futbol because it’s the hip thing to do for guys who live in D.C., NYC and Boston. Chill the f@#$ out. No flopping in that sport, eh? Jordan never flopped did he? Kobe never acted a little bit?

Thursday will be the very first NBA game this year when we’ll watch all four quarters and smile broadly when LeBron drops those 35. Make sure you’re here Friday morning. We’ll chat.

[Video: Lebron James’ Game 4 PreGame Pep Talk .. Are You Motivated??]

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