U.K. Soccer Mascot Tracy Chandler Axed Over Racy Booty Photos

The Doncaster Rovers have fired mascot Tracy Chandler because she appeared in her skivvies with the costume in a national newspaper. Chandler, who’s donned the club’s Donny Dog costume for the last four years, was notified via email her voluntary services were no longer desired and was accused of disgracing the club. Classy.

Meanwhile, players from the club were allowed to pose nude for a 2011 calendar, a stunt the Rovers organization apparently survived. Oddly, the proceeds from the players’ calendar and from Chandler’s shoot were both tabbed for the NSPCC, a child-protection organization. Apparently, the Rovers took issue that Chandler didn’t inform them she’d be posing.

Still, the 40-year-old mother of three told the Yorkshire Post the double standard makes her livid.

“I have been to hospitals, schools, and visited disabled children as Donny Dog, representing the club. I’ve cut down on my hairdressing work to fit appointments in as Donny Dog.

“Now they are saying I’ve disgraced the club. But it wasn’t long ago that some of the players did a naked calendar for charity, with footballs strategically placed to protect their modesty.

“If I want to do something for charity, why shouldn’t I? It’s my body.

“I said I would do it if they gave the money to the NSPCC. But Rovers said they wouldn’t accept the donation.

“I can’t believe that after all the work I have put in for them as Donny Dog they are treating me like this.”

Neither can we, honey. Neither can we.

[Doncaster Rovers sacks sexy mascot for posing in her underwear]

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