Name Those Astros Implants Before Noon EST & Win A Prize [Morning Twitpic]

Nerdy metrosexual Matt Sebek from JoeSportsFan.com was doing his screencapping thing last night when he hit pause for this scene from the Astros-Cardinals game. Obviously the guy’s shades and wristwatch caught Matt’s attention. You can probably guess what stopped us in our tracks. Morning Twitpic is back and we’re bringing the heavy hitters out to regain your love and appreciation for Busted Coverage.

Someone out there has to know this chick. We want the ModelMayhem.com page. And a Facebook/ Twitter handle. She can’t possibly walk around Houston with those chest monsters and not be a known entity.

Mail us the details before this douchebag chloroforms her. Is that a creepy move going with the hand around the neck in an intimidating way?

Your move, America. Do us proud.


*Free Busted Coverage logo t-shirt to first tipster with legit intel.

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