Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Invade NBA Finals: Was Gomez Drunk? [15 Photos]

And you didn’t think we’d get into the “Bieber-Gomez attend Game 4” discussion today. Pffft. Our photo editors have been pouring over the photos and sent an email. “We’ve looked through 243 photos and the consensus in this office is that Selena might of had a few Fuzzy Navels before tip. Just a hunch,” squawks BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich. Two things instantly stood out from this dump: (a.) nice Texas Rangers hat, douche and (b.) she does look drunk.

It doesn’t really matter if Selena knocked back a couple Irish Car Bombs over a salad at Cheesecake Factory before the game. We were 18 once and had no problem with a chick getting bombed at dinner. It happens.

Our investigators have pinpointed one photo that stands out in this belief that Gomez might of had a couple.

What the hell is this?

You’d think she just watched LeBron drop a basket in the 4th quarter. A little too excited, Selena? And what’s up with all the touching between you and the Bieb. Leave the guy alone. He’s obviously trying to watch a basketball game and you just keep dancing around. One day you’ll understand that interferring with a guy’s sporting event is a deal breaker and will probably lead to an argument over money.

You’ll eventually get married, tell him that he’s not allowed to watch football all day on Sunday and that there will be family time instead of 12-hour college football marathons.

Someone get us a drink. We need to take the edge off just thinking about how this chick is going to ruin Bieb’s life. Photos. Enjoy.

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