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The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*In the last 24 hours)

Plaxico Burress released from Jail

@CSNPhilly: Former #Giants star Plaxico Burress left prison wearing a #Phillies hat today

21 Months. That’s a hell of a long time to be locked up, especially for a crime that many felt was not deserving of the sentence handed down. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong fumble. How much do you read into Plaxico rolling out with a Phillies cap? Who knows, but I’d put a shiny nickel or two that Drew Rosenhaus had something to do about it.

@DaveMasonBOL:’s odds on Plaxico signing: Eagles (+225), Jets (+350), Bears (+450)

Vick + Plax: Redemption Tour . Rex Ryan + Plax: Hard Knocks repeat? Cutler + Plax: Finally a weapon for Jay. My dark horse, the Patriots. Brady commands respect, and if Plaxico can get into shape, the Pats are in need of a deep threat.


Dear Athletes, stop congratulating Plaxico Burress for getting out of prison. He’s not Nelson Mandela.

Over 200 RT’s, 30+ fiery emails  , and 1 kind offer to fellate a Tweeter, it’s clear that the above tweet I made yesterday touched a nerve.

I’ll share of the better replies:

@FrankyBearden5 & @DizzyWayne : STFU

@Littles82: Hey Go F*ck Yourself

@Big_Jamaal: #ShutYoAssUp

And my favorite:

@StacyAdams10: suck my D*ck!

On second thought, perhaps my tweet was a little harsh. We should all take the time out of day and congratulate Plaxico Burress. In fact, we should attempt to turn today into Plaxico Burress Day! Congratulations for finishing your prison sentence! No attempted escapes!

While the offer is quite flattering Mr. Adams, I think I’ll pass. Plaxico Burress broke the law, Plaxico Burress paid dearly. Those that feel sorry for Plaxico might be more delusional than Mr. Burress himself that Friday night back in 2008.


NCAA Vacates USC’s 2004-2005 BCS Title

@jppalm: BCS officially vacates USC’s 2004 title.

Classic. The Trojans of the University of Southern California now has as many BCS Championships as the Vandals of Idaho.

@Scottenyeart: Former USC fullback Brandon Hancock: “if the NCAA tried to take my champ. ring they’d have its imprint in their forehead

Well hell, now I want to see this happen. I would like to see them go after Reggie Bush’s ring, but I’m sure Ray J hocked that at a pawn shop years ago.

@MarkNagi: Does the BCS ruling about USC mean the Ashlee Simpson halftime show never happened? I hope so.

If you don’t remember, please take time out of your day to enjoy. It’s incredibly full of win…..


@TheBigLead: Now Weiner is crying. He admits to engaging in dirty banter w/ 6 women online over the last 3 years! Dirty Weiner. This is great, great TV.

Agreed. Weiner’s Press Conference > Kobe’s Press Conference > Tiger’s Press Conference. Again, another case where the cover-up made the crime exponentially worse. If wives had their husband’s password to Twitter and Facebook, the divorce rate in America would probably be about 80%.

@RussBengtson: This ends Anthony Weiner’s dream of being president of the Knicks, I guess.

True, but he’ll have a consulting job with the Knicks by the end of the week.

@ThatSean: President Bill Clinton is like, “Whew, I’m glad this social media was not around for me!” #weiner

If not Twitter, Slick Willie would have totally had an account at Screenname: Razorback6969


Hot Sports Chick That I Would Halves On A Baby With Follow Of The Day:

@CharrisaT – Charrisa Thompson

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