Lions’ Rookie Mikel Leshoure Tattoos Detroit Lions Logo On Arm [Photo]


NFL players do stupid things on a fairly regular basis.

Detroit Lions rookie running back Mikel Leshoure is getting a head start on his career in the “dumb” department.

Leshoure, who played his college ball at Illinois, recently decided it was a good idea to decorate his left arm with a Detroit Lions logo.


Let’s hope he never gets traded, involved in a bitter contract dispute, signs elsewhere in free agency or gets cut by the Lions. Leshoure might question his choice of tattoos while he’s enjoying the smell of burning flesh when he’s getting it removed.

To his credit, the second-round pick actually put the date he was drafted below the Lions logo, so at least it will remain somewhat relevant… I guess.

Dude also decided to drop some serious money on this BMW just days after the NFL Draft (and during a lockout) so his decision making probably isn’t the best, making him a perfect choice for the Lions.

Estimated date of being completely broke: September, 2014.


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