LaVar Arrington Says Big Ben Drank Water At Jim Kelly Golf Classic Party [Photos]


We’re still efforting more photos from the Jim Kelly Golf Classic, which was held over the weekend. Early returns include Big Ben behind Bill Goldberg, Darryl Talley about to get a pull off Goldberg’s bottle of Crown Royal and Chris Berman taking the stage but not drunk. Someone out there needs to open the trove of embarrassing pics. They’re out there, people. C’mon all you former Buffalo cheerleaders who were in attendance.

We know you were there. Email us.

While the rest of the media dorks in attendance for the Kelly Classic were clamoring for quotes about the NFL lockout, Busted Coverage went searching for the unique. Who’s up for Dan Marino and a bunch of Buffalo housewives?

As always with the Kelly Classic, the real action of the weekend is Sunday night for the annual boozefest that included Mr. Belding and Chris Berman. You might remember Berman’s antics at this party in the past, such as this drunken night back in 2007.

From all indications and tweet reports, it seems Berman was under control Sunday.

The highlight of the night, reports LaVar Arrington, was the fact that Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t drinking or raping Buffalo women.

LaVar wrote this about the party for the Washington Post:

I have to tell you: I’ve met him before and felt as though he was a pretty arrogant guy, but last evening my perception of him totally changed.

Ben was pleasant and I found him to be very down to earth, in an environment where men and women were were falling all over him for his attention. I’m not trying to justify the allegations against him, but I clearly saw how he could find himself in a sticky wicket of a situation. He was chased the entire evening.

He not only maintained being an easy person to walk up to and talk with, but in a party where granny’s cough medicine was taking effect on everyone in the room, he walked around with his bottle of water the entire night.

Again, we encourage the Jersey Chasers within BC Nation to email us and preferably have photos ready to publish. Big Ben carrying water all night? Is he pregnant? What a loser.

(Below – Darryl Talley about to pound Goldberg’s Crown Royal.)

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