Colts Cheerleader Kaley Collier Risque Pics Just What NFL Needs [19 Photos]

It’s about time! We’ve had it with all these NFL cheerleaders who bore us to death with their fancy careers, charity work and anti-drinking stance. Thankfully the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading team awarded a roster spot to rookie Kaley Collier. Tipster Jeff writes, “Fellas, you have to see this chick I know who made the Colts cheerleading team. I’m in love.” After further investigation, Jeff will need to fight us to virtually marry this Indiana native. And from what we can tell she didn’t even go to college! Love it!

Nothing is more boring than the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad giving a roster spot to that old woman who looks like she’s 50. We want youth. We want chicks who actually use beer bongs. We want craziness. Enter, Kaley.

From what we can tell she’s 21, has ties to the Ft. Wayne area and had been living in Tampa where she coached some cheerleading team.

Now, we’re all aware of how the Colts fired a cheerleader last year after risque photos of Malori Wampler surfaced.

Malori Wampler was fired after the team saw some photos of her they didn’t like. Wampler’s lawsuit claims the Colts discriminated against her because she was a woman and Indonesian.

“For me, it’s standing up for myself,” Wampler said.

Wampler says that’s at the heart of her lawsuit against the same football team she’s been a fan of all her life.

“Especially being a true Colts fan all my life and then getting to cheer for them, it’s amazing,” Wampler said.

But her days as a Colts cheerleader were cut short last November.

“Cheered Sunday, November 14. November 15, [Wampler was] called in and terminated. Abruptly terminated for something that happened prior to her being hired,” said Wampler’s attorney, Kim Jeselskis.

That something is photos of Wampler wearing body paint and nothing else. The pictures were taken at a party thrown by Playboy.

Please, Colts front office, just keep this chick around. Don’t let her tongue working on a champagne bottle scare you. And don’t be scared of the six guys on top of her – probably gay. Most of all, don’t be offended by fake licking fake boobs. It’s all good. Kaley is what’s right with NFL cheerleading. For now.