This Brother Stabbed, Killed His Buddy During NBA Finals [Cuff ‘Em]


It’s amazing how as the years go by with this blog there is never a shortage of crazy arrest stories during major sporting events. Take the case of Donald Jones (above). He stopped at a homeboy’s house to catch Game One last week and ended up behind bars for killing said homeboy. This totally one-ups the Tenn. guy we told you about on Friday who left his girls at home to go drinking during Game One.

The Examiner newspaper has your stabby details:


Donald G. Jones, 41, who lives in Grain Valley, has been charged with voluntary manslaughter and armed criminal action after allegedly causing a fatal knife wound in the victim, Ronald A. Oliver, 40.

According to court documents, Jones had gone to Oliver’s home in an apartment complex on the 3300 block of East 30th Street in Kansas City Tuesday evening to watch Game 1 of the NBA finals.

Court documents said the two friends began arguing and Jones then went into the kitchen to get a knife “because it was relevent to the argument.”

Jones told police he did not remember stabbing Oliver but said he had thrown the knife at him. According to court documents, when Kansas City police arrived at the scene, Oliver was lying on the floor with Jones kneeling next to him, pressing a towel against his chest.

The knife was relevant to the argument? We’ll keep efforting to figure out which team Jones was rooting for. We’ll guess Heat and wait to be proven wrong.

Our guess is that Jones was tired of Oliver saying the Heat were “Hollywood as Hell,” got pissed and figured that a knife to the throat would quiet Ron.

From the arrest photo it seemed that this was a terrible mistake and Don didn’t mean it. Yet another case of bullying gone wrong. When are we going to learn, people?

[Grain Valley man charged in stabbing death]

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