Here Is Charles Barkley Attacking Dessert Aisle At Pathmark Grocery [Photos]


Just got back to Ohio from a Pa.-NYC trip and for some reason we have photos of Charles Barkley in late May at a Philly-area Pathmark grocery store in our inbox. Ok, we’ll play. Not sure why it’s funny to see a NBA 50 Greatest All-Timer pushing a grocery cart around a supermarket, but a famous guy preparing to attack the dessert aisle resonates with us. We want to see Chuck fill that cart with Oreo cheesecake. Maybe throw on one of those giant tubs of ice cream that he can just leave the fork in.

Says tweeter Roy Hanks about crossing paths with the Round Mound of Rebound:

This dude is so cool. I didn’t I was almost as tall as him ( with flip flops on)

There you go, kids, a lesson tonight. If you are in Philly, make sure you visit a Pathmark this summer when the NBA ends and Barkley will be back to munchie runs. Look for cookie crumb trails.

[HT: @YoureInMyDreams]

[Pathmark Grocery Store Locator Map]

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