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Burnt Toast

The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*In the last 24 hours)

Mavericks-Heat Game 3

@Junior_Miller: Dirk from Germany had his hand over his heart. LeBron from America did not. #karmahasgottogettheseguys

In all fairness, Jason Terry had his hand over his ovaries, so let’s keep the reporting fair and balanced out there in Dallas.

@Clintonite33: Bosh needs an eye patch. Not like it could hurt his 26% shooting in the Finals any. He’d at least look tough.

Chris Bosh could play with an eye patch, on a Harley, with a tattoo of a Bald Eagle clawing a King Cobra to death, and he’d still look like someone that sits down to urinate.

@PeterBurnsRadio: There are 1,329 pounds of silicone at tonight’s #Mavericks game. Eclipsing the NBA record set in 2006 in Miami.

You damn right I just showcased my own tweet. I RUN THIS S***. (and my editor said I could). Dallas vs Miami might be the most asstastic NBA Final matchup of all time. DVRing the game is a must to find to cream of the crop.

@UncleLukeReal1: The NBA is full of shit

When the leader of 2 Live Crew thinks you have a bad product, it’s time to take notice. @PuckYourself brought up a great point last night. The NBA is turning into a WWE type production. It was quite possibly the worst officiated game in since the Infamous Kings/Lakers Game 7. It’s as if the NBA is manufacturing story lines within the games to keep interest peaked.

@RichardDeitsch: Dallas Mavericks 1, Hollywood As Hell 2

Heat have 3x the talent, Mavericks have 3x the heart. Plain and simple.


Grammatically Awesome Tweet of the Day:

@MoneyLynch: I don’t kno how to play wit des tweets so don’t get mad if I don’t get back at you…feel me doe

Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch. A veritable wordsmith. I have just added @MoneyLynch into my own special VIP Tweetdeck Filter. Even better is his QB, Matt Hasselbeck chimed in beautifully…..@Hasselbeck: Well said. RT @MoneyLynch I don’t kno how to play wit des tweets so don’t get mad if I don’t get back at you…feel me doe

Twitter Potpourri

@ProFootballTalk: Rosenhaus says Plaxico will be a “top free agent”

Shocking. Drew Rosenhaus is such a soft spoken man, can’t believe he made such a strong statement……Plaxico is going to be an intriguing fit for someone. The Patriots would be a great fit for Burress, the loss of Randy Moss last year was one that killed them late in the season as they could never truly stretch the field.

@RichardCOliver: Review of previews: “Super 8” looks superb, “Green Lantern” looks lame

Agreed. Can’t blame Ryan Reynolds for taking a stab at the money grab for Green Latern. If it works, he’s got sequel money. Super 8 looks like the movie of the summer. Real Steel (Aka…Rock’em Sock’em Robots) looks incredibly putrid, and the Zookeeper……No comment.


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