Video: Torii Hunter Jumps Wall & Destroys Yankees Fan


We all know Torii Hunter is a great outfielder. Dude won 9 consecutive Gold Gloves until being robbed last year, the first year he had not won the award since 2000. That should tell you that the dude will do whatever it takes to catch a baseball. If that includes skying into the stands and plowing a Yankees fan, then Hunter is game. So, guess what happened yesterday when Robinson Cano drilled a shot into right field?

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Keep your eyes on Hunter and the two guys, far left, in the stands when Hunter goes over the wall.

Climax of Video: PLOWED! And Yankees douchebag starts screaming at Hunter for Lamarr Woodley-ing his bro in this video. Our YouTube version is the replay.

Conclusion: Typical Yankees fan being an asshole instead of being pumped up for being six degrees away from touching Derek Jeter’s penis. If we tried hard enough we’d connect Torii Hunter and Jeter’s penis through famous celebrity poon. Might be a post for Tuesday. Right now we’re traveling.

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