We’d Totally Out Push-up This 74-Year-Old Bodybuilder [12 Photos]


You know, it’s getting kinda boring to see all these old people out in society doing things besides crosswords and watching Wheel of Fortune from 7-7:30 and maybe hitting up Jeopardy. We want old people to be like the old people we remember back in the 80s. Stop it, already. We’re sick of 80-year-olds climbing mountains. 85-year-olds coaching football teams. And especially 75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd posing down with women 45 years younger than her. *God, this makes us sick. Look at those shoulders. Those gun boats.

Yes, Mrs. Shepherd is a grandma. Yes, she competes in bodybuilding competitions. Yes, the Guinness Book of World Records gave her some certificate for not looking like a grandma and competing in said competitions.

She even has a website dedicated to her not looking like a normal grandma.

Makes us sick. We’d ask her for nutrition advice but can’t bear to hear her say “You need to cut out the alcohol.” It would break our hearts.

E Shep this week shared her secret to success with NPR and it nearly made us puke.

The perfect body certainly came with a strict diet. No desserts, no s’mores and no hamburgers. Shepherd eats chicken, turkey, tuna fish, brown rice, white baked potatoes and frozen vegetables. She says she enjoys everything she eats.

“My main thing — I drink liquid egg whites,” she says. “And that isn’t a supplement. I drink that to keep myself lean and strong.”

Looks like, if we survive to 74, this blogger will be pudgy, lazy and watching Wheel of Fortune at 7 EST.

[74-Year-Old Redefines Looking Incredible At Any Age]

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