Playboy All-American Team & Greatest Victory In Cavs History! [Burnt Toast]


Burnt Toast

The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (* In the last 24 hours)


One of these two men scored the last 9 points of the game last night. Care to guess which one?

@GHClevelandSPT: Dallas just beat Miami in one of the greatest victories in Cleveland history.

At this rate there is a 70% chance that when the 2011-2012 NBA season opens in Cleveland next year, the Cavaliers will retire Dirk Nowitzki’s #41. Dear Cleveland, the word you are looking for is Schadenfreude. German for “Taking pleasure in other’s misfortune”

@TodaysBullshit: Miami hasn’t seen a meltdown like that since LeBron’s mom turned in a valet ticket.

True, although still not the the biggest Miami meltdown in the city’s history. That honor belongs to Ray Finkle….Laces Out. If you don’t understand that reference, may God have mercy on your souless life.

@NaeH816: I bet if I asked LeBron for a dollar he’d give me .75 cents since his ass never gives you the fourth quarter!

OH SNAP!!!!…..(Confession–>I’ve always wanted to say that. I’m a 32, white, former college golfer. It never seemed to fit until that tweet.)

Twitter Potpourri

NFL Lockout

@Wingoz: per ESPN’s John Clayton Judge Boylan cancelled next week’s mediation because both sides are engaged in confidential settlement talks.

Ahh the Lockout. A power struggle in which the owners and players trying to whip it out and measure who’s bigger…..on a 20 degree day. Just settle and make some some crap up. Have the NFL tell us they bent over the NFLPA, while the NFLPA tell us they donkey punched the NFL. We don’t care. It’s all about perception now.

Playboy All-American Team

@BryanDFisher: Playboy’s preseason All-American Team is out. Coach of the Year is Steve Spurrier and, given who his QB is, that’s a great choice.

When your QB is suspended for having as many as 5 girls in his room before a bowl game, aren’t you a shoe-in for Coach of the Year from Playboy? Besides, who can’t picture the old ball coach necking down a playmate in the grotto holding a Schlitz wearing nothing but a visor and a pair of Crocs?

PPV Dream Events

 @CRM_Stephen: I would buy a $44.95 PPV headlined by a Ray Allen – Dirk Nowitzki free throw contest.
 For $44.95, it better have some intriguing opening match-ups. Tony Parker vs Brent Barry steel cage match, A Jason Richardson vs Jason Kidd live paternity unveiling, and duel between Gilbert Arenas and JJ Redick, live ammo.

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