9 Greatest Moments In Kareem Abdul Jabbar Towering Over Shorties [Photos]


Suddenly it’s impossible to turn on the TV, visit Twitter or listen to L.A. radio without the name Kareem Abdul Jabbar being rammed down our throats. Not that we care. This guy is a walking billboard for what’s right with celebrity/sports. He’ll trash talk the Los Angeles Lakers about wanting a statue. He’ll get into Twitter wars with Scottie Pippen over the greatest NBAers. And he’ll wear those infamous Rec Specs for a Carl’s Jr. commercial with Olivia Munn. But what makes KAJ special is his work with midgets such as this week with Chuy from Chelsea Lately. Like we said, the guy is everywhere.

KAJ – Olivia Munn: Carl’s Jr. set, 2011

KAJ – Chuy (Chelsea Lately) May, 2011

KAJ – Colbert: Restore Sanity Rally, 2010

KAJ – Kid: Rocking the 1982 Sony Walkman

KAJ – Kid from Different Strokes, outside studio, Date Unknown

KAJ vs. Bruce Lee in Game of Death. KAJ was eventually defeated due to his sensitivity to light. Released on DVD in 2000.

Kareem and Denise Milani at a Lakers game, Date Unknown

KAJ and Joey: Airplane, 1980

KAJ and Oompa Loompas: 2010

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