Phillies Chick Sniffing Her Armpits Might Make You Puke [Video]

Nope, not surprised one bit that Phillies fan got back into the Busted Coverage mix this week thanks to this chick catching a couple whiffs of her pits during Monday’s Phils-Nats game in D.C. Rolled up Jorts. Green Phils shirt rolled up. Giant, stupid poster. Friend frying so bad he has a towel on his head. Something tells us Rex Ryan wants to sniff those sweaty feet.

Posted: May 30, 2011

Premise: Becky didn’t have much to do on Memorial Day besides drive down to D.C. to scream at Werth and drink a couple of beers. It was hot and sticky. Summer officially invaded D.C. and the sweat was dripping. Trying to get on TV, Becky raises her arms and ‘Damn, what that hell is that stank?’

Climax of Video: Thinking that only her right pit is stinkin’ Becky goes to her left to see if it’s a trend.

Conclusion: Marriage material.