2011 Spelling Bee Contestant Most Likely To Rip A Bong Load Tonight [Video]

His name is Surjo Bandyopad and this speller in the 2011 Scripps Spelling Bee hails from Lusby, Maryland where he just completed his 8th grade school year. You’d think it would be a little early to start smoking weed, but as you’ll see from today’s ESPN coverage of the Bee, Surjo dropped a “FAIL” bomb after missing a word and totally laughed it off. There are stoners amongst us who have a new 14-year-old hero.


Posted: Today

Premise of Video: From Surjo’s Scripps bio…Surjo enjoys spending time with his friends and playing outside. His other interests include origami, video games, chess, card games and reading. His favorite book is Darkwing by Kenneth Oppel. He is a member of several groups and clubs including Middle East Studies Association, Creative Writing Club and Mathcounts.

Climax of Video: He drops a “FAIL” and a “Woah” before laughing his way off stage to an awaiting bong perfectly loaded and ready to be lighted.

Conclusion: He’s figure out a way to graduate high school early and backpack through India trying different drugs and picking up ladies with his spelling prowess. Kudos, kid. You have a gift. Don’t screw it up.

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