Mariners Security Guard Lofa Tatupu’s This Ichiro Handshake Streaker [Video]


At what point does Bud Selig issue some sort of statement on the surge in fans running on MLB fields? At what point do MLB security agents shot and kill a streaker? Something bad is coming – soon. True, we’ve had a guy Tasered. And guys jump fences in escape attempts. But the newest craze amongst security guards is the form tackle. You must watch and appreciate this Seattle rent-a-cop going Lofa Tatupu on this punk who just wanted to shake Ichiro’s hand.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: So this idiot runs on the field with the objective of shaking Ichiro’s hand. (Notice the hand behind the back method, because he’s respecting the Japanese dude.) According to the vlogger, this plowing happened over Memorial Day weekend.

Climax of Video: Tatupu comes out of nowhere for the blindside sack.

Conclusion: Get a handle on this stuff, Bud, or somebody’s going to get Tasered and not wake up. While that would be pageview gold, a family would be missing a moron.


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