Tony Romo’s Odd Wedding Band Choice – Steel Panther!

News out of the Tony Romo wedding just keeps getting better and better. First, Busted Coverage showed you how the $66mm QB had $20 items on his gift registry. Then there was the report that pizza and ribs were served. But the home run of the evening had to be the Romo wedding band choice, none other than Steel Panther who sports such classics as Eatin Ain’t Cheatin’, Asian Hooker, Party All Day (#$%# All Night) and our all-time favorite Thar She Blows. How do we know Panther played the wedding?

There was a very small mention on Twitter that flew right over the heads at TMZ, Dallas Morning News and all the blogs out there spending their weekend tracking all things Romo wedding.

It seems that, after Romo’s 2010 on-stage appearance with Steel Panther, a bond was formed between the Cowboys’ QB and the foul-mouthed Los Angeles faux rockers.

Panther lead singer Michael Starr, on Saturday, confirmed the Romo wedding band plans.

Tomorrow night we are rocking out our good friends wedding Steel Panther style. You might know him Tony Romo.

That tweet sent our researchers into a frenzy for all things Romo/Steel Panther/wedding. One guy, innocently enough, tweeted Sunday morning:

Last night I fell asleep to the melodious tones of Steel Panther playing Tony Romo’s wedding next door to my apt.

Here is the reception tent and the proximity to apartment buildings.

Kudos to Ms. Crawford for allowing Steel Panther within 300 miles of her wedding weekend. Take the group’s Thar She Blows tune (full lyrics – here):

I saw her drinking beer
Eatin peanuts by the bar
I was pretty desperate and i knew she had a car
She said her name was Debbie
She was a friend Jenny Craigs
She had boobs like water melons and breathe like rotten eggs
I know your hungry
I can see it in your eyes
Cause your looking at me like i’m a side of fries
I want to take your chubby ass back to my place
And squirt my baby gravy all over your face Yeaaahh!!!

Woooooah woooooah
Thar she blows

Woooooah wooooah
Thar she blows

Why was Steel Panther an odd choice for Romo? Probably because 3 weeks ago he was hanging out at the Catalyst church conference talking about his faith and God and if football wasn’t where I was supposed to be, I give it up to You (Lord).

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