Teen Kills Guy Whoopin’ His Dad’s Ass At Redneck Games [Cuff ‘Em]


You give a redneck three days off from the sausage manufacturing facility and he’s going to get a little crazy and in Ocala, Florida that means attending the 2nd Annual Redneck Games. You figure there will be some beer drinkin’, some titty flashin’ and maybe a few mud pit belly flops. All good fun, right? Well, in Ocala things got nuts Saturday during a fight when a boy intervened in his dad’s ass whoppin’ by stabbing the combatant to death. Yeah, that’s how Florida rolls, yall.

The Ocala rag has the tragic details:

A 15-year-old has been arrested, accused of manslaughter during an argument at a mud bogging event in Inglis on Saturday night. The New Port Richey teen is accused of fatally stabbing 24-year-old Roderic L. Sparks.

The stabbing happened at Horse Hole Creek Mud Bog, at 13210 SE U.S. 19, during the 2nd Annual Redneck Games.

According to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office, Sparks got into an argument with the teen’s father about an engine being revved. Witnesses said the argument turned physical when the suspect’s father threw a beer can at Sparks. Witnesses also said Sparks was getting the best of the older man during the fight, so the teen got involved and stabbed Sparks in the upper torso with a knife.

According to investigators, while emergency workers at the scene tried to save Sparks, several people attending the event used their vehicles to block in the blue Jeep the suspect was spotted in.

Sparks was taken to Seven Rivers Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Always say it: beer, bogging and Redneck Games don’t mix. No word if the Games continued but it would have been tragic to let one death ruin the fun for the others.

Um, where is Good Morning America and the Today Show at on this story? You ambulance chasers are always seeking a tragedy. Get these rednecks onto my TV explaining how an ass whoopin’ got out of control. Will there be a bill in the Florida state legislature to outlaw Redneck Games? There has to be a story in here somewhere. Snap to it.

[Man fatally stabbed at Redneck Games; teen arrested]

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