Rampage Jackson Motorboating MMA Reporter Karyn Bryant & She Likes It [Video]


To those of you who are freaking out because Rampage Jackson might have disrespected a MMA reporter by fake motorboating her boobs, time to chill out. This isn’t MLB. This isn’t the French Open. You want guys to go into a cage and beat another guy’s face to a messy pulp and then come out for interviews and NOT go crazy over some boobs? And Karyn Bryant, the reporter, is cool with the motorboat attempt. She’s tweeting about it and says it’s all in good fun.

Karyn tweets:

Since every1’s asking: if it wasn’t already obv, I wasn’t offended by @Rampage4real at all. We were clowning around. I thought it was funny!

Plus, he didn’t ACTUALLY motorboat me! Never even touched me… I do have a pretty good right hand in case. Knees aren’t bad either. LOL

Wow! So much reaction 2 the @Rampage4real intv! I make no claims 4 othr fem reporters, but I never felt threatened or scared. Just havin fun

I’ve gotten a lot of new followers since this weekend’s UFC coverage. Thanks to all of you for your support! You rock!

Posted: May 28, 2011

Premise of Video: Rampage answers questions after beating Matt Hamill, but ends the interview by getting on the subject of black women and motorboating. Horn dog time.

Climax of Video: We nearly have a motorboating incident in the UFC interview room!

Conclusion: The “we need to treat female reporters with respect” crowd are crawling out of the woodwork. No offense to Karyn, but she’s an entertainer asking questions. If this was Suzy Kolber, there might be a legitimate uproar. Ask Karyn about a rear-naked choke and it flies right over her head. Promise.

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