Jenna Jameson Cheats On Tito In Vegas? Twitter War Erupts!


We’re still efforting more details on this one, but Busted Coverage can confirm that Jenna Jameson was in Vegas this weekend and multiple Twitter users told Tito Ortiz that his chick was hanging with some dude. Meanwhile, Tito was in Indy for the 500 and kinda went nuts last night after word started to spread of an image featuring Jameson and fellow Strikeforce-er Erik Apple sharing photo time. Apple even tweeted the photo to Ortiz. Here are the results! WAR!

Here is what Apple tweeted. hiiii @titoortiz

On the back end of that TwitGoo is this photo.

That led to this response from Ortiz.

@ErikApple believe me its not what its all cracked up to be.

And then it was on. Over the course of Memorial Day Jameson and Ortiz traded barbs. Keep in mind these two aren’t married, but there are kids involved.

This tweet eventually made its way to Ortiz from Jameson’s ex-husband.

Funny to hear from @jennajameson ex husband. Damn lies can hide a lot. Well at the least I got two beautiful boyz and a broken out of it! RT @wickedarmstrong: @titoortiz I’m tryin to stay quiet for the kids + cause I don’t really know u that well. But yes I know ur pain. I almost warned u that nite

Of course Jenna jumped into the mix with some f-bombs and excuses.

I was in Vegas for 2 days with my gay make assistant. Tito is my man, so all you losers trying to be dumb, f#ck you

Expect this to blow over and Tito eventually cooling off and doing the right thing for the kids. As for this Apple character, he’s 170 lbs. Ortiz is 206. Meet in the middle and fight for the chick. Great stuff for the sport.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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