Minor League Owner/Commissioner Runs Onto Field With Metal Chair To Fight Umpire [Video]


Should we be surprised that the team owner of the minor league Roswell Invaders of the Pecos League, during an umpire/coach shoving match, ran onto the field Saturday with a metal folding chair? Nope. As mentioned like 15 times between April 1 and today, some of the craziest moments in baseball history have occurred this year, hence our “Season of Weird” tag for the craziness.

Not exactly a hotbed for media attention, the only video of the incident came from the 50 or so people actually watching this game. Of course Albuquerque TV stations, sensing a ratings opportunity, jumped in with both feet.

Roswell police took a report on the incident but charges have not been filed against the Las Cruces coach that pushed the umpire or Dunn who brought the metal chair onto the field.

According to Paterson, no one was harmed with the chair.

The Invaders manager said his team was not disciplined for the fight but did say the entire situation should have been handled differently.

The manager also said the third base coach from Las Cruces was suspended indefinitely and at least five players from the Las Cruces team have been let go.

Keep in mind that the dude running on the field is also the league commissioner.

[Official Roswell Invaders]

Posted: May 28, 2011

Premise of Video: Fairly certain that’s been covered above. We can add, however, that Dunn is a LSU graduate hence the level of craziness for bringing folding chair into the ring.

Climax of Video: The chair part is fantastic, but you really need to turn up the sound and listen to the old woman yelling at the players. Just a guess – missing 5-6 teeth.

Conclusion: The Pecos League is officially on our radar. Andrew Dunn – Minor League Baseball Commissioner of the Year!

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