UEFA Victory Celebration Includes F.C. Barcelona Fan Mooning Police [Video]

Barcelona was lit up last night after fans and police clashed post-UEFA championship in which the Barca boys won 3-1 at Wembley. Remember late last week when BC warned you this futbol match would result in legendary fan reaction? Yeah, well the streets of Barcelona turned into mayhem as police tried to restore order and move drunken fans out of the central square. But the real highlight of the night came when one fan went full-shorts-to-his-ankles on the fuzz.

Posted: Early this morning

Premise of Video: It’s your normal Euro fan’s reaction after winning the Super Bowl of soccer. Barcelona fans, having been drinking for days, got rowdy and the fuzz rolled in to restore order. Well, a few bottles started flying and fans didn’t like being told that the party was over.

Climax of Video: Kudos to the ITN videographer for the Barcelona fan mooning the riot cops at the :15 mark. Also, don’t miss the :28 mark when police guy goes deep for a 3-run jack upside some dude’s body. (If we were the Cubs there would be a new scouting department opened in Barcelona. Look at how these guys swing a bat.)

Conclusion: The riots aren’t over as the soccer dorks are now camping out and protesting high unemployment rates. Look, morons, you want to see high unemployment try visiting Detroit. You don’t see those people ripping apart their city because the Tigers took 2-of-3 from the Royals. Enjoy your victory, go home and get some sleep.