Steven Stamkos Earns Best NHL Playoff Nose Blood Beard Honors [Photos]


BC was out and about from bar to bar last night and happened to catch 5 minutes of the Lightning-Bruins Game 7 (Boston 1-0) and couldn’t help but notice the mask covering the face of Steve Stamkos. In our blurry state it was unclear why his nose appeared to have a strawberry smoothie dripping from the bridge. “Screw it, look it up on Twitter in the morning,” we said to our drinking partners. Then it was off to start drinking more bourbon. Sure enough this morning there were hundreds of homebound hockey fans chatting about Steve’s schnoz.

Of course the responses were appropriate for a guy who just had a puck filet his nose.

Hope that’s a bandage, not the inside of his face. RT @kuklaskorner RT @RichNairn9: That’s hockey. #Stamkos

My septum deviates just looking at that! RT @kuklaskorner: RT @RichNairn9: That’s hockey. #Stamkos

JR Stamkos nose looks like a @Jeremy_Roenick#starterkit#toughasnails

Now for the slow-mo of Stamkos taking a digger. Dude kept trucking and left the ice for the summer losing game 7 and needing surgery. Total boss move.

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