BC Buys Tony Romo & Candace Crawford Knife Sharpener For Wedding


Back in 2007 Tony Romo signed a six-year, $67.5 million contract to remain with the Dallas Cowboys as their franchise quarterback. The dude is loaded. Do the math and you can figure out that he uses $100 bills to wipe the sweat off his face on the golf course. So imagine our surprise when we happened to get a peek an the Romo-Candace Crawford wedding registry for tomorrow’s event. Of course BC had to buy this guy a gift. See it & shipping confirmation… JUMP!

As you can see, the registry at Macy’s is pretty much fulfilled thanks to the hundreds of guests who’ve been invited to the event. The entire Dallas Cowboys team is expected to be in attendance, as is Jerry Jones.

The options for us were slim and we had a strict $50 limit for a guy who’ll make $10mm this year if the NFL ends the lockout. The logical choice seemed to be the Wusthof Classic Knife-Life Sharpener for $20. With shipping to an undisclosed location the total came to $30.

If you are an Eagles, Redskins or Giants fan there is still time to fulfill the $400 knife set the couple is requesting. (Isn’t it bad luck to get knives for a wedding?)

*The entire Crate & Barrel registry has been fulfilled.

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