Ex-Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Kori Lanard Runs Chop Shop! [Cuff ‘Em]


There are ex-NFL cheerleaders committing crimes and then there is the case of ex-Falcons pom-pom shaker Kori Lanard getting popped this week in one of the stranger busts in our foggy memory. This chick is being accused of helping her boyfriend and 21-year-old sister run a chop shop operation. Um, can’t say we’ve ever seen a cheerleader fall off the deep end like Kori.

The Augusta Chronicle reports:

Kori Lanard was arrested April 29 in Lincoln County, where stolen car suspect Kirk Bray and Lanard’s┬ásister eluded deputies by fleeing into some woods after they were found with stolen vehicles.

Lanard, who lives in Oconee County outside Athens, is a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader who once lived with Bray.

She and her sister, Lauren Lanard, are suspected accomplices in Bray’s chop shop operation, police said.

Authorities don’t know how large the case against Bray and his accomplices may grow, but they’re working on numerous apparently related cases while Bray remains locked up without bail in the Oconee County Jail.

Woah! Fleeing into the woods to get away from the fuzz! Seems like girl still has the athletic ability that helped her make the 2000 Falcons cheerleading squad.

Of course we went searching Twitter accounts and even Ms. Lanard’s old MySpace account.

On the Facebook account, Lanard acknowledges her relationship with Bray and lists ER Snell Contractor as her employer.

Just a day before her April 29 arrest, Kori had this to say on her FB wall.

Let this be a warning to all aspiring cheerleaders out there. Keep your nose clean or you might end up with a crazy boyfriend who has a penchant for big Ford trucks and heavy equipment.

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