Crazy Euro Soccer Dorks Raise Bar For Phillies Fan With This Fireworks Blast [Video]


What we have here is Gabriel Torje of Dinamo Bucharest doing his thing on the pitch when out of nowhere a blazing firework comes flying out of the stands during this week’s Romanian Cup. Now that the particulars are out of the way, let us just say that European soccer fans just had to go and raise the bar for Red Sox & Phillies fan. Thanks. Now we’ll be searched for bottle rockets when we visit Citizens Bank Park.

Posted: May 25, 2011

Premise of Video: We’ve covered those bases. And our fingers are starting to hurt from typing. See: above.

Climax of Video: The first shot of Gabriel nearly going up in flames like a Taliban bomber is impressive, but we get multiple angles which adds to the fun.

Conclusion: Phillies fan has found himself a challenge. Don’t say we didn’t warn the masses.

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