Cam Newton’s BCS Pants Have Arrived & We’re Taking Them To The Bar


We know most of you have hit the road for the weekend and won’t be back to work until Tuesday. However, BC had one last post in us today and it’s with great pleasure that we can now say that Cam Newton’s BCS Championship pants reside in Big Ten country. There are big plans for these Under Armour pants. None other than Jaime Edmondson is in negotiations with us to slide into Cam’s Pants for a photoshoot.

The exact details of the shoot cannot be shared at this time but we promise to not let this opportunity go to waste.

Jaime chimed in earlier today on Twitter:

1 step closer 2 me being in his pants! RT @bustedcoverage: @jaimeedmondson Update: Cam Newton’s BCS Pants on FedEx truck enroute to BC HQ.

To all those out there ripping us for spending $1,500 on Cam’s Pants – suck it. Best money we’ve ever spent. Total icebreaker with the ladies. You guys can run your mouths. We’ll be over here living out your dream world.

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