Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Dirty Bird Bikini Shoot In Bermuda


While there are reports of the Atlanta Falcons cutting the pay of front office staffers back home in Georgia, the Falcons cheerleader squad is in Bermuda busily compiling a photo dossier that’ll serve as the official 11-’12 swimsuit calendar. Like we care if some secretary had Arthur Blank cut her pay by 15%. Deal with it, losers. We have cheerleaders in bikinis to look at and from what we can see from the first two days this should be an interesting calendar. Chain link fence outside a gun range is a nice touch.

From what we can tell from the photos and media team updating Facebook/Twitter, the Dirty Bird contingent in Bermuda has to be in the 30+ range. We’re not travel agents so no reason to guess a price on sending that many individuals to an exotic locale.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Among the other teams that have slashed payroll, mandated furloughs or are considering one or the other are the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

So folks in Atlanta are questioning the choice to send cheerleaders to Bermuda during a lockout. Those are the same people who hate puppies, green grass and a 20-something-year-old chick sprawled out on a Bermuda beach. Maybe this will change their minds.

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