Someone Name Phillies Boob Grab Chick Who One-Ups Shotgunning Indians Chicks

There is an Associated Press story out this week saying how fans are now getting drunker, stupider (is that a word?) and acting more idiotic than ever. And they pay someone to do this research. We’ve been MLB ’11 “The Season of Weird” since early April when crazy idiots were popping up on a nightly basis. Where you been, AP? You slackers are late to this kegger. Just this week we’ve had Indians chicks shotgunning beers behind home plate and now we have Phillies fans going Cinemax behind Jay Bruce. Someone name boob grab chick and fire away with a Facebook account!

Our friends at Crossing Broad are running this afternoon with the story of how last night’s 19 inning affair at Citizens Bank Park got a little crazy as fans left and young hooligans made their way to the expensive seats.

The results? A middle finger, cunnilingus and a chick boob grabbing herself.

The times are weird and baseball can’t survive on bankers taking fellow bankers to eat salmon sliders while watching 6 innings and the other 3 innings from the loge cabana. Yep, you need young fans who can fill the standing room only seats. And those college kids have YouTube. And they read sites like Busted Coverage. And they’re hellbent on one-upping each other with crazy behavior.

Bud Selig obviously has a problem. The logical solution? Yep, $15 beers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you it was coming.

Do your work, BC Nation. Name her and we’ll send you a prize.

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(Visit Crossing Broad for video of Phillies Boob Grab chick.)

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