Hilary Duff Exclusive Interview: “Penguins Fans Best In NHL” [Video]

Team Busted Coverage had our intrepid reporter Steve at that Sobe event that was held yesterday in New York City featuring the likes of Hilary Duff, Kate Upton Jessica Szohr and Bernie Williams repping the product and talking to us Internet dorks. The PR reps even let us have a quick Q&A with the stars. Steve busted out the sports questions and we actually got Hilary Duff (married to NHLer Mike Comrie) on the record telling us the city with the best NHL fans.

The phone call came in early yesterday.

Steve: “Dude, we need some hockey questions to ask Hilary Duff for this interview at the Sobe event.”

Me: “Give me a minute and I’ll come up with something. Go into stall mode and I’ll shoot you an email.”

Steve: “Cool, make them good.”

The natural question that came to mind was, “Would your husband kick Carrie Underwood’s husband’s ass in a hockey fight.” That’s pretty much a setup to go five-hole on a goalie. Perfect question. Slam dunk to get traffic on Twitter. She responds and Facebook dorks go nuts.

But Steve, feeling out the situation with a beautiful Hollywood chick in the same pop-up tent went in a different direction.

Our backup question was “What NHL city has the best/worst fans.” It’s a solid question that will alienate 29 other cities, including 6 Canadian cities that’ll never buy another Duff CD again. Perfect!

And Duff, being the champ (gaining huge points from us and we’re thinking of buying her latest album) leans forward, squirms a little bit, knows she’s about to make people mad and says…


Relax, people. Comrie plays for the Pens. And you Canadians just calm down. We’re giving back the Winnipeg Jets.

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