Florida Mom Leah Rabon Goes Bowling, Leaves Infant At Home [Cuff ‘Em]

Yet another Mother of the Year candidate for you guys this week. On Tuesday, we told BC Nation about a mom who left a child at baseball practice and never returned. Today we meet Floridian Leah June Rabon and hear the story of how she was invited to go on a bowling alley date and left her 9-month-old son at home to fend for himself. Just a reminder, kid, you can’t pick your parents. Deal with it.

From the North Escambia (Fla.) newspaper:

Leah June Rabon, 20, was arrested late Monday night for cruelty towards a child and child neglect, after leaving her child unattended at her apartment for over two hours.

At around 9:41 Monday night, Deputies responded to Rabon’s apartment after receiving an anonymous tip that the child may have been left alone.

Responding deputies were able to track down Rabon’s cell phone number and successfully contacted her. She confirmed that her son was inside the residence without supervision.

“Once we determined that an infant was inside the apartment we made a forced entry into the unit,” said Deputy Chris Welborn. “We found the baby asleep in his bedroom and, thankfully, he was healthy.”

Of course the kid was fine. Leah made sure he had a full bottle, nice blankey and ESPN on before getting in Jeff’s sweet ’94 Camaro. These Florida cops need to chill out. And the same goes for the baby daddy.

Go pound it out with some other chick and leave Leah alone. She’s trying to make it in this world, and dammit, a few games won’t hurt anyone.

(And congrats to the kid. Cute mom you have there.)

[Woman goes on bowling date…]

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