Australian Rugby State Of Origin Championship Erupts In Fisticuffs [Video]

Rarely do we dabble in the world of Australian rugby, but it’s not everyday that an event called State of Origin happens in rugby. It’s that time of year Down Under when Aussies go absolutely nuts over this event that features players from the state of Queensland face a team from the state of New South Wales. It’s like Red Sox-Yankees. Cowboys-Eagles. Blackhawks-Red Wings. These guys hate each other and last night’s match ended with an eruption of fists.

Posted: May 25, 2011

Premise of Video: The Maroons and Blues hate each other on the rugby pitch. This is a best-of-3 match so both squads know that there will be another day to meet again, but it hurts to lose the first one. Just ask the Blues, who kinda throw around some bodies and fists start flying.

Climax of Video: These guys fight and then actually shake hands! Brilliant!

Conclusion: Aren’t Aussie broadcasters the best? “Let’s listen…that’s enough…you’ve given us 80 minutes of wonderful entertainment.”

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