Well, Hello! Indians Chicks Shotgunning Beers Behind Home Plate [Video]


$50 to the first person who can tell us the names and phone numbers of the two chicks behind home plate at last night’s Indians-Red Sox game who put on a show by shotgunning beers during the 9th inning. Repeat…9th inning. We’ll go out on a limb and say they attend Kent State, visit Put-In-Bay at least 7-8 times a summer, are barely 21 and are an instant party. Go forth, Busted Coverage Nation. Email us with what you discover.


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Posted: Late last night

Premise of Video: Summer is officially on in Ohio thanks to these Indians chicks still shotgunning beers in the 9th with one out.

Climax of Video: The video pretty much speaks for itself.

Conclusion: Make fun of Ohio all you want, but let’s see chicks in New York get away with this behind home plate. Just a bunch of white hairs sitting in $400 seats in the big cities. Kudos to Cleveland for this stellar visitor’s bureau video.

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