Tipster Says Indians Chicks Shotgunning Beers Go To Ohio U. & Miami U.


The BC tip hotline lit up this afternoon with a call from area code 216, which happens to be Cleveland. The tipster, who we’ll call Joey Belle, wanted to fill in the blanks on our story this morning of the chicks putting on a beer shotgun show during the 9th inning of last night’s Red Sox-Indians game. We know the name of one chick and both universities these ladies represent. For those who know Ohio universities, you shouldn’t be surprised Ohio U. and Miami U. are where these ladies learned their skills.

“It was a 21st birthday party in the loge,” said our source. “We were planning to get on TV and thought this would work.”

The tipster said he got to the game in the 5th inning and the fun was already in full gear. “We thought this might get on Deadspin,” Belle said.

The chick wearing the white sweater (Miami student) wrote in the comments section of the Cleveland Rocks blog that “def didnt think it would draw this type of attention, but WHATEVAAA haha”

We asked Joey Belle for last names and Facebook photos but he wasn’t budging. It seems that the hunt will go on for the bikini photos because if these ladies party like this at an Indians game, the sky is the limit to what’s hiding in the social media department for these chicks.

Stay tuned.

(Belle added that everyone got home safely. Good work, folks.)

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