Tim Tebow Meets Bono At Denver U2 Concert [Photos]


While other NFLers are busy having parties with porn stars at Miami clubs, Tim Tebow used his Saturday nights to hang with the likes of Bono during U2’s Denver stop on its 360 tour. Ray Lewis, now famously, predicted NFL players would resort to acting like fools if this lockout goes much longer. Not Tebow. We’re still hunting for pics, stories, tips of this guy falling off the tracks and so far nothing. NOTHING! No bad influences, no alcohol at a U2 concert.

Those geezers with Tebow? The guy on the left is Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, and his wife. The other guy in the back is another do-gooder within the religious community.

It seems, from Daly’s Focus on the Family website writings released this afternoon, that the church is a big fan of Bono’s.

Jean and I had the chance, at the invitation of my good friend, Peb Jackson, to attend the opening performance of U2’s 360 tour this past Saturday night up in Denver. With 80,000 fans stomping and singing, Bono dedicated his “Until the End of World” song to Harold Camping.

“God is in the house!” Bono declared, and at one point even invited the audience to give praise to the Creator by raising their arms toward the sky. Most obliged.

Although we might express some elements of our faith differently, I admire Bono’s strong commitment to helping meet the real needs of real people. Before the concert we had an opportunity to briefly chat, and as you can see from this photo, we also enjoyed a good laugh together.

Tebow wrote on Twitter of his experience.

Great to meet Bono & learn more about @ONEcampaign last night @atU2 concert. I truly admire how he uses his platform

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