Kirk Gibson Takes Digger During B.P. Bunting Demonstration [Video]


Finally! We’d been hearing about this Kirk Gibson taking a digger video from Friday night for a few days, but it had yet to be uploaded until last night. Our tipsters kept telling us that we needed to see Gibby going face first into the dirt at Chase Field. Well, we’ve now seen it and can confirm that this is right up there with Pedro Martinez launching Don Zimmer in the “MLB Managers Going Digger” category. Impressive feet, Gibson.

Posted: May 25, 2011

Premise of Video: Gibson shows his players some proper bunting techniques and decides to leg one out to first base. The infamous one-legged World Series game-changer hits first base and that’s when the hilarity ensues.

Climax of Video: You see that chalk outline? That tells the story.

Conclusion: Gibson promptly got up, limped back to the dugout and made all those guys rolling on the ground kiss his newly polished World Series ring.

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