Kim Kardashian Engagement Photo Motherlode! Eating, Bikinis & Bliss!


The news of Kim Kardashian (also referred to on Busted Coverage as The Giant Ass) and New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries officially getting engaged popped into our inbox like 30 minutes ago. Then there were 3-4 follow-up emails detailing her sisters going crazy over the news. Of course the media blitz is on. Magazines will sell. TV shows will follow. The wedding will be a spectacle. A pregnant Kim Kardashian should be a treat to look at. Etc.

While we’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see Kardashian, some of you guys are obviously shaking your head and wondering what hole this Humphries character came out of. Dude turned down Duke to attend the University of Minnesota, his hometown school. He was drafted by the Jazz, didn’t play much and moved to Toronto and Dallas before being traded to the Nets where he actually averaged a double-double in 2010-11.

What are his prior relationships? Nothing even remotely the caliber of Kardashian. An examination of the always interesting (a jersey chaser site) doesn’t reveal any previous relationships or ex’s coming out of their holes. This is a rare moment where a guy just minding his business on the lowly Nets six months later ends up married to one of the transcending ‘reality’ stars of the 21st Century with no actual talent but tons of cash.

The Giant Ass is 30. Kris is 26.

We’ll give this at least 5-8 years before Kim’s career starts to flounder and she needs some jazz to keep making some money.

Until 2017, good luck kids.

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