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The Best MMA Front Kick To The Head KO Video You’ll See All Day

We’ve circled the head of our subject so you can focus on his melon. Notice the blood already dripping from the nose. Notice he’s a little wobbly. Keep in mind that it seems this fight has been a grinder. These boys are on their last legs. Bloody Nose is just hoping for the bell. Ready to call it a night. Not so fast, punk, there’s still time for a front kick to crunch your face.

Posted: May 22, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “SCC Superior Combat Cage fighting 1 Last fight on the card. 5/21/2011”

Climax of Video: First, it’s only 18-seconds so the I.T. department at your place of employment won’t have time to bitch when you watch this. Second, turn up the headphones as loud as they’ll go. Then focus. And pray this guy didn’t look like a train wreck Monday morning at his job at the Pepsi bottler.

Conclusion: Let’s see Tosh take one of those.

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