Oregon Lands Transfer Olu Ashaolu Thanks To Original Pancake House

We’ve heard of strange reasons to pick a college and then there is Olu Ashaolu and his thinking behind transferring to Oregon to finish out his basketball career. The food. Olu was smitten with the grub at The Original Pancake House in Eugene. This is quite possibly the first time in the history of recruiting that pancakes and the other hangover food at a greasy spoon has helped a basketball team.

The 6-7 forward who’s leaving Louisiana Tech didn’t mention anything about cute cheerleaders, the facilities or the great weather when interviewed by Duck Territory. The deal sealer was pretty simple.

When asked about his trip to Oregon and what stood out the most to him Ashaolu gave an interesting and un-expected pick.

“I actually really liked the breakfast we had one time there,” said Ashaolu. “I think we went to this place called The Original House of Pancakes and it was the best food I’ve had in a long time.”

A quick check of the OPH location map shows that indeed there are no locations in Louisiana, Mississippi or Arkansas. Olu would have needed to travel to Texas, specifically the Dallas area, to get his fix. The location in Eugene is just a few blocks from the campus bookstore. In other words, Olu is golden once he gets to town.

We went back into his Twitter account to see if we could find any more nuggets about that food in Eugene and came back empty handed but did get his take on subs/hoagies. This guy knows his food and should solidify the Oregon front court. Congrats to all involved, including OPH’s new best customer.

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