New England Patriots Cheerleaders Invade Aruba For Bikini Calendar Shoot!

It’s officially NFL cheerleader bikini calendar season! That’s right, no stinkin’ lockout can stop NFL teams from sending their ladies to exotic locales to shoot a calendar that’ll serve as a remembrance if the 2011 season is lost to a lockout. That’s why this year’s bikini calendar season is critical. All two-pieces are on deck. From our count the New England Patriots will have at least 24 cheerleader members and staff in Aruba this week to pound out a killer calendar. (Still efforting to figure out if Alexa Flutie is on this trip.)

The team arrived at the Aruba Marriott on Sunday and spent yesterday working on tans, greeting guests and snapping pics with men who picked the best week ever to go on vacation.

@ArubaMarriott has been doing a great job updating the proceedings and is even uploading terrible, tiny photos of the ladies onto its Facebook account. We have an email into the powers who run the social media department to give us something in the 600 pixel range. Stay tuned.

Find Alexa Flutie in these shots and let us know. Oh, and if there is a Facebook gallery, Twitter account, etc. for the ladies that should be on our radar for a follow-up post, drop us a line.

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Have $24,000,000 Laying Around? Buy Troy Aikman’s Texas Estate!
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