Mom Hates You When She Leaves You At Baseball Practice And…[Cuff ‘Em]

You know how Major League Baseball players wear those pink wristbands on Mother’s Day and leave cute messages to run on the video boards between innings? We’re guessing Stephanie Lynn Nash’s son, if he ever makes the majors, won’t be partaking in such moments of love for mom. Steph’s poor boy had a traumatic day back in March. He went to baseball practice and hasn’t seen his mother since. What happened? Steph went off the deep end – on purpose.

We take you to Lufkin, Texas for this story of a mother who really hated her son. What kind of mom drops off her son at practice and leaves him? Scumbag.

Stephanie Lynn Nash, 41, was taken into custody by Pct. 1 Constable Tom Selman on a warrant for abandoning or endangering a child without intent to return after making a traffic stop on her. According to the offense report, Nash dropped off her child at the ballpark in Hudson on March 28 with no intent to come back for him. Since that date, the boy has been staying with family.

The incident came under investigation by Hudson Police after Nash filled a prescription in her son’s name and did not drop it off with the family he’s been staying with, as agreed. Temporary custody of the boy has been granted to the family he’s been staying with, according to the report.

C’mon, Steph. Man up.

Look, there were times we went to baseball practice and dad showed up like 30 minutes late because he was at the bar and lost track of time. But he returned. After 3-4 times we knew he was reliable and wouldn’t just abandon us. How can this poor boy ever trust his burned out mother ever again?

We pray Little Man Nash goes on to great things in baseball and one day has his chance to tell his mom how much he loves her on the JumboTron at Minute Maid Park. Just the motivation a kid needs to make the next level.

[Woman charged with leaving son at practice with no intent to pick him up]

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