Have $24,000,000 Laying Around? Buy Troy Aikman’s Texas Estate!


Yesterday we showed you Ray Allen’s $3.7mm, 6 3/4 bath Seattle house that’s be on the market. Now comes word that Troy Aikman is selling his $24,000,000 Texas mansion that happens to coincide with news in January that the former Cowboys’ QB and his wife were splitsville. It’s believed that this is the most expensive house in the Dallas area on the market right now.

While the Aikman house is seriously impressive, it’s actually very similar in size to the Ray Allen house and is a half-bath less than Ray-Rays.

The Aikman house details:

• 10,520 sq. ft.

• 5 bed, 6.2 bath

• 4 car garage

• 26X22 living room

• 3 living rooms

• 1.45 acres

• The requisite outdoor amenties (pool, spa, BBQ, lots of space to spread your wings)

Some quick math for you guys:

Asking $24,000,000.

Troy paid $144,000 in taxes on this spread in 2010.

With 20% down ($4,800,000) your monthly payment would be $99,120.

[Troy Aikman’s House on Sale for $24 Million]

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