It’s Official: Chris Kaman Really Is Ted Nugent Of The NBA, Loves Guns [Photos]


It’s good to see everyone made it through The Rapture and returned to work this morning full of energy and excitement for life. Clippers center Chris Kaman made some news over the weekend, thanks to his pre-Rapture buying spree at a gun store where he had cameras snapping as he felt up some new weaponry to ward off those responsible for the end of the world. What we really learned about Kaman is that this guy really is the Ted Nugent of the NBA and his Yfrogs prove it.

Here is a little background you should know about Kaman. He’s from a small town outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. He grew up on a farm. According to the reliable Wikipedia freaks, Kaman used to tear shingles off of roofs – for no good reason. He was misdiagnosed with ADHD. He plays for the German national team, even though he doesn’t speak German, because his great-grandparents were German.

In other words, you shouldn’t be surprised that Kaman loves guns. We mean REALLY loves guns.

He even builds his own gun ranges and talks freely about guns and defending himself from The Rapture. On Friday, Kaman wrote, “Just incase anything fishy happens tomorrow I bought a few more guns.”

No comment yet from David Stern or the NBA.

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