Gym Teacher, Coach Stacy Hopkins Popped For Student Rapes [Cuff ‘Em]


It seems Stacy Hopkins, a gym teacher and junior varsity basketball coach in Tennessee, wants to steal some of the thunder from the Texas chicks sleeping with their students. Hopkins was arrested twice last week for raping students and the fuzz says cellphone records indicate the 28-year-old was up to no good and you’ll never guess who turned her in.

Action News 5 sends the i-Team into full investigation mode and files this report:

Earlier this month, two male Arlington High School students, ages 16 and 17, came forward and told detectives they were involved in a sexual relationship with Hopkins.

A third male student, 17, also came forward.  He said the sexual relationship with Hopkins began early this year.  Investigators said cell phone records support the third student’s detailed account.

An affidavit of complaint said Hopkins’ ex-boyfriend reported her illegal relationship with two of her students.  He went to the high school after he discovered she had sent nude photos of herself to their cell phones.

Neighbor Melissa Powell said Hopkins’ ex-boyfriend came over to her house after making the discovery.

“He seemed really upset,” said Powell.  “You could tell he was really distraught.  About five minutes later she comes in.  She looks upset, she looks worried.”

Stacy was banging the kickball team? Jesus! What the hell has happened since BC was listening to Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden and being taught ‘gym’ by some bald dude and a lumpy lesbian?

Now we have 28-year-old gym teachers taking multiple students to her house for sex? Send her away for life. What a disgusting predator.

If you have more photos of Ms. Hopkins that need to be published on Busted Coverage, do your thing. Of course you’ll be anonymous.

[Neighbors shocked by teacher charged with rape of three students]

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