Bro Can’t Hold His Budweiser During Preakness Infield Ejection [Video]

At Saturday’s Preakness a $20 bill meant bottomless beer deal for drunks to enjoy while spending a Saturday kinda watching horse racing. The results weren’t pretty. We’ve irrigated two videos that show just how impressive the imbibing was. 3 guys barely able to walk (one vomiting) and some chick on a stretcher sorta hallucinating help give you perspective into the minds of the beer club members.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: The vlogger set up camp near the ambulance area at Pimlico and landed these bros putting on a show. From the look of things this was shot before the running of the Preakness so this trio must have gone on a decent binge fairly early in the day.

Climax of Video: Pukie Pukerton lets it fly and then some dude yells “Somebody get him a beer.”

Conclusion: $20 for the all-you-can-drink was so worth it. Just think of all the fun these guys had and won’t remember! May we suggest losing the Kegasus mascot and throw these guys on a billboard?

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Same vlogger had the flip cam running when this hallucinator came towards the ambulances, swinging her head back and forth.

Climax of Video: Hammered.

Conclusion: Again, $20 and a free ride to the hospital, plus no public intox! We see a billboard waiting to happen.

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