Anna Kournikova As A Biggest Loser Trainer Will Be Must-See TV [Photos]

Remember how we told you last week that Anna Kournikova is selling her house? Now we know why. The tennis starlet is about to become a television superstar as a trainer on The Biggest Loser. Hear that sound of potato chips being shoved down our throats? Yeah, we’re busily preparing to add at least 325 pounds so we can have Anna scream at us with that sexy Russian accent while we nearly die on the stair climber.

According to X17:

X17online can report exclusively that Anna Kournikova will lend her athletic training skills to The Biggest Loser next season as the show’s trainer. NBC will make the formal announcement on the season finale next Tuesday.

Miss K will be one of three new judges; Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel have already been announced as part of the new team, as Jillian Michaels is leaving to focus on having a family.

What are Anna’s credentials? Have you not followed Anna’s gym visits on BC over the years? She’s legit, but we’re perplexed as to how she will work on television since most of us haven’t heard her speak a sentence in 5-7 years.